Mission Day Reflection

What went well?

I think most things went really well especially that my stall sold out of everything. We had an efficient ordering system which worked pretty well. Our stall was popular which made us sell lots. What also went well was that there were a variety of stalls which made it more fun for everyone.

What could we have worked on?

It think my stall could have worked on being cleaner on our benches but I guess it was hard because we had icecream and it was going everywhere. I think my stall could of also worked on being more organised. For example, making sure someone was doing the float and that we had the right aount if everything we were using.

What could we change next time?

I think for next time we should change it by showing all the stalls to the whole school on a powerpoint or something at assemblee and then they know whats avaliable. We should also have a map that shows where all the different stalls are so that the 5/6’s and the rest of the school know where all the stalls are.

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