About Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker has been making collages since 1972. Most of her collages are used in books but also made into artworks. Jeannie lived with her partner Daivd Blackwell until he died in 2012. Jeannie’s collages are recognised  by lots of people because of her unique style. Jeannie Baker’s most known book is “Where the forest meets the sea”. Not only does she write her books with words she also writes them without words but she makes the pictures/collages very detailed so it is like there is words.


Do I like or dislike her?

I like Jeannie Baker because she uses her own style of  collages and artwork. I also like her becayse she always make her books have a strong and powerful moral that makes you realise what can happen or what you can do.



A snowman’s point of view of the sun

One day I saw the sun. It was creepy and hhhh… I started to melt, ahh was I going to die or was I going to stay alive????? Do you know how I feel getting distroyed by a stupid thing called the sun! Do we really need to have a sun? If it blew up I would be the only one to survive without sunlight. You know, if you can hep me please do so, because I can’t be bothered getting made by children and they really want me to stay alive. I promise I will try to find a place in the word were they don’t get much sun!!!!!! Thankyou for reading!