100 Word Challenge

100 word challenge using these words: RACING, FORMULA ONE, MELBOURNE, CRASH

Wow what a day in Melbourne at the  Grand Prix. My favourite race was the Formula one race. After the first few cars started racing I could feel my stomach churning it wasn’t a  good feeling and I knew something was going to happen but I just kept watching. About three quarters through the cars started to get quite close and they were fighting for first place. I dropped my jaw in sight of shock as a crash evolved out on the track, I didn’t look back until it was all over.


Horse riding:

Brr, I said as I leapt into the air of my first jump. Suddenly I touched the ground and zoomed past the other riders with a sudden leap again. Linc could smell the green grass ahead, he was ready to fly through the water jump. Splash went the water as I landed. The water was freezing so Linc made a run for it. Your horse will always be your friend and you will always know there is someone waiting for you………(your horse)



Bam, the ball knocks into my hands. I start to dribble, the clock is counting down ‘45,44,43,42,41’. We have to get another goal. The score is 12-15. We are on 12. The ball slips out of my hands and lands onto my feet. Basketball just makes me feel free and it lets me do anything.


Kyral castle:

Tap go the sticks as the knights fight continuously.  Boom goes the wizard’s potion as it bubbles up into the air. Left, Right, Left, Right I go as I zoom through the Maze. One smell of the Fairy’s Candy shop and you will be in, in a flick. Kryal Castle at Ballarat is a fun place to visit.



When a dog barks what do you feel? I feel safe and I know that the they will always be there for me. From Golden retrievers to a Great Danes, they all have great personalities. My dog was the best friend I ever had. He was a gorgeous, friendly Golden Retriever and when he died, our whole family was really sad.


New Zealand:

Feel the cool frosty breeze as you slide down the icy mountains. Turning corners, landing jumps, how could it be better? Waking up and looking out your window to see the magnificent white mountains standing up tall against the flowing river. From high to low,  big to small there Is nothing that can beat Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s a place where every child dreams to go.



Up down, roll around. ” Make sure you are doing your turns right otherwise they won’t look good in the concert” My teacher said as we go over our dance for the last time before our concert. I leap down the room trying my hardest to make every step perfect. I was standing against my tall opponent, everything was alright until I got onto the stage the whole word changed into amazing, it was like a fairy tale. Talk to your local dance school and starT dancing.



“Ahh” I say as I wake up from a scary dream. I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything it was pitch black. I hear a sound and another and another, I don’t know what it was but I dived under my covers. Some nights I wish that I had good dreams and I hear no noises but that’s just life and it happens to everybody.


Strength Training:

As I woke up this morning I felt all pumped and excited to do some weights and different sorts of physical movement. An hour and a half later, I arrive at ‘THE SHED’ were I do all my training. ‘Huh’ I say as I start on a machine that you have to pull a leaver just like you are rowing! Find out about a personal Trainer now and start pumping.



I grab my text  books and go find a seat in class.  The Teacher reads out the first some and we have 2 minutes to answer it. I got it in 1 minute but I try mt hardest to take time. Everyday is a new day and everyday I learn something I never new before. Like the other day I learnt how do to do percentages when I thought I was a maths expert!!!!!!!!! My advice is to stay strong and love maths because that will make you better at it, like anything!



I jog over the hills of my rocky, polished road. I keep going until I find my way back home. Running gives me joy. Every time I run I Feel very good about myself and happy to even be able to run a km without stopping. Start running now or when you have time to get those legs pumping because it is very good for you and your body.







Student blogging challenge 5 – secrets



  1. A magical cave full of gold and diamonds
  2. A rare flower that can turn into trillions of dollars
  3. A magical castle
  4. A portal to fantasy stables
  5. 20 bucksins and clydesdales standing in a row waiting for you
  6. A tree of juicy red apples
  7. A lifetime  supply of  CANDY awaiting for you
  9. An unowned  mansion
  10. A garden full of fairy villages


Student Blogging Challenge 1

Student Blogging Challenge

Michael Jackson- If you were still alive would you still do concerts and if you did were would they be held?

Edwina Tops-Alexander- Would you like to do Dressage and Cross Country or do you only like Show Jumping?

Taylor Swift- Do you think you are going to be singing and performing for your whole entire life?

Louis Tomlinson- Do you sometime get annoyed and wish you were a normal person like everyone else?

Katy Perry– Was it hard to go on stage when your husband had just broke up with you over the phone?

Justin Bieber- Are you mad at one direction for taking all your vey supporting fans?

Princess Diana- If you were still alive do yo think you would still marry the prince?

Bethany Hamilton- Do you regret going out so far to sea and getting your arm bitten off by a shark?Why?

Liam Payne- Why did you shave your hair and what is your favourite outfit to wear?

Zachary Gordon(Greg Heffley)- Was it hard being the star of such a big movie?