BTN clip-Organ Donation

What do you think about organ donation?

I think that organ donation is a great idea and it means everyone is helping each other live the lives they have always dreamt about. I would love to get my family involved especially because I have quite a few older relatives that could help me out with this an even maybe make it a tradition because we are so lucky to be born well and healthy, so I think together we can give everyone a fair go at life.

How do you think you would feel if you were in the same position?

I would feel like I have been stuck in a room for my whole life. It is really terrible when you think about it that they have to stay in hospital for basically half their life which wouldn’t be much fun. I would also feel sad all the time and probably never in a happy mood. Although I would try to keep my spirits high  and always be positive when facing a challenge.

Do you think organ donation should be compulsory? 

Yes I think organ donation should be compulsory. But firstly everyone needs to learn about it and understand what they are doing. It will make people more aware of this and the hopefully it will become compulsory. As I said I will get my family involved and hopefull you will get yours involved too.


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