Big Idea-My story, Our story


I think my sharing session went really well and the listeners were polite and said they learnt a lot. What went well was that we had a lot of information clearly written and I could confidently say what we knew. What I could improve on is being more organised when it comes to electronics and making sure everything is ready before we start. I could also improve on choosing who I work with because I felt that I did most of the work and my pather slacked off a bit. The most interesting thing I learnt from my research is that in 1901 there were only 8 males living in Victoria. I used my investigation time pretty well but I left it to the last minute so I think I could work on that for next time.

How my Big Idea relates to the quote “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me”:

 This quote relates to my topic, which is migration because we have welcomed migrants into our country from all over the world. We have welcomed their culture and cuisine. They have also accepted our way of life and adapted to it. We have embraced them by having festivals that celebrate their traditions, food and customs. We have also introduced their sports to other Australians and they have joined in our sporting activities. It also relates because we have accepted the ones less fortunate and given them the opportunity to live a better life than they did before.  They have also been given opportunities to work and learn our language, which helps them provide for their families. We have written a diary to show the journey of a migrant coming to Australia and experiencing these types of situations. To show why people migrated from certain countries, we have created a Prezi that clearly explains the points of which tell you why and the reasons people chose to migrate.  It also shows that we have accepted people from all different countries and that we haven’t discriminated based on race or culture. The Prezi also includes a short video about the gold rushes in Victoria and what it was like to be a part of that lifetime. The different points in the quote I believe are different reasons why people migrate to such a fortunate country. Another thing I have created is a migration certificate, which I feel is important because it signifies that we are welcoming others. Migration has shaped our world in many ways, particularly in Australia and this quote states some of them.



In large numbers Irish migrated to Victoria. After the English, they were the largest immigrant group from 1854 to World War I. Due to poverty and difficult living conditions the Irish potato famine of the 1840’s caused large numbers of people to migrate. They came in equal numbers of men and women in difference to many other groups. Most soughted their treasures on the goldfields.

 In 1880, Sir Redmond Barry, both accused and the judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to hang were from Irish families. In political movements seeking justice for Victorian workers, Irish have been very important. The development of the Catholic Church in Victoria was firmly strengthened by the Irish community.




This is my family tree 

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather migrated to Victoria from Ireland and that’s how I got to Australia.




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  1. Ruby says:

    I think you have done really well. You have told us important information that is very interesting. I am also part Irish. Maybe next time you could write a bit about you family but over all good job.

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