Hope and Joy

What is Hope and Joy?

Hope and Joy is a way of going about life. It changes the way you think and the way you act in different situations. People with hope and joy change the world in some way. They make life happier for certain people that really need it. Hope and joy is also a way you feel if you have made these changes or done something good that will effect someones life in a good way.

Tell us about this person:

The person I have chosen for hope and joy is my cousin Maddie. She is 17 years old and loves her two dogs Alfie and Charlie. She is a hard worker and is very good at doing the things she loves, for example, Visual Arts and English. Maddie is caring, kind, helpful, polite, cheerful and most of all the best cousin ever!

How do they demonstrate Hope and Joy?

Maddie demonstrates Hope and Joy by being a great role model to others and always having a smile on her face. You’re probably thinking that that wouldn’t make much of a difference in the world but it does in so many ways. Maddie is a good role model because she knows right from wrong and is sensible about what she does. This could change the way girls think about life and it could make them happier. By having a smile on her face it lights up most people’s day and that changes the world because their are more smiling faces which make this world a better place.

How could you be more like this person?

I could be more like Maddie by keeping a smile on my face every minute of the day and not taking things for granted. If I were to try and smile a lot I would think about the positive side of things and that sure would make me smile. By taking things for granted I mean like throwing my dinner out if I don’t eat it or throwing out a work book without  even finishing it. It’s these little things that most people don’t think about in life that change our world somehow in a bad way. People less fortunate would give anything to have the last scraps of your dinner or the last few pages of your work book, so think about that the next time you do something like that.

Extra info about Maddie:

What I love about Maddie is that she doen’t care if she has the greatest looks or coolest house, all she cares about is thar she is caring and has great friends and family that look after her.