The one splash of water that made me feel more nervous……..

My feet shivered as I walked up the slippery stairs. I was quite nervous so I grabbed onto Olivia’s hand. She laughed and said “Everything’s going to be alright, don’t worry!” That made me feel a bit better, but there where still many butterflies left in my stomach.

It it got to our turn and I nearly refused but I took the chance and stepped slowly into the tube. Was that the right choice?…………………….. We were off and raced down the dim lighted waterslide. We all got drenched but there was one splash of water that made me feel more anxious. To make matters worse we suddenly came to a stop.  The water stops running and we are trapped in the slide.

Many things happened after that but I don’t want to mention them. The good things I got out of it was that we got out of the waterslide safely (although it took time) and I faced my fear.

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