Cumberland River

Day 1:The first night we arrived 9:00pm. We took all the stuff out of the car and put it into the tent. When we had finished we sat by the fire and cooked marshmallows with our family friends that were staying there too. At around about 11:00pm we got ready for bed and then went back to our tents to sleep.

Day 2: In the morning we woke up at 7:30am and then had bacon and eggs at 9:30am. At around 11 we went to the beach. After that we went to a place called Jebbs pools which is a place that has pools made out of rocks. At Jebbs pools there was a mini waterfall that you could slide down, I went down it and hit my knee on a rock.When we got back we had some snacks by the river. We didn’t have dinner until 8:30pm. For dinner we had sausages and hamburgers.

Day 3: In the morning we had cereal, I had coco pops and  a hot cross bun. We had to be checked out by 11am so we packed up and got out of our “ECO” tents. After that we went back to Jebbs Pools a played in the water for about 30 mins but then we went back because it got really windy. When we got back we hopped in our cars and headed to Lorne. We got to Lorne at about 1:00pm and had lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach. After that we went on the trampolines and had an icypole. When were finished we headed home!!