Religion in Vietnam

— Buddhist 85% (founded in 500 B.C. and brought to Vietnam in the 1st Century A.D.)

— Christianity 8%

— Cao Dai 3%

— Others 4%



— Vietnamese use the Latin alphabet, introduced by the French colonizers

— Every word has only one syllable and its meaning and pronunciation is based on the tone (e.g. á, à, ả, ã, â, ă, ạ)

— Vietnamese is spoken in many dialects, and there are other minority languages as well

— Each region has its own pronunciation. For example: the word “mother” will be “mẹ” in North Vietnam, “má” in the South, and “mạ” in the middle


Culture & Tradition

—Marriage has a vital role in Vietnamese culture and tradition

— In the past, most marriages were arranged by parents or extended family and children might only sometimes be consulted. The groom and bride may have only met on the day of the engagement.

— Now, this has changed in modern Vietnam. Single girls and boys can meet each other before the wedding and arrange marriage by themselves. Parental permission is not as important as in the past.