Student Blogging Challenge 1

Student Blogging Challenge

Michael Jackson- If you were still alive would you still do concerts and if you did were would they be held?

Edwina Tops-Alexander- Would you like to do Dressage and Cross Country or do you only like Show Jumping?

Taylor Swift- Do you think you are going to be singing and performing for your whole entire life?

Louis Tomlinson- Do you sometime get annoyed and wish you were a normal person like everyone else?

Katy Perry– Was it hard to go on stage when your husband had just broke up with you over the phone?

Justin Bieber- Are you mad at one direction for taking all your vey supporting fans?

Princess Diana- If you were still alive do yo think you would still marry the prince?

Bethany Hamilton- Do you regret going out so far to sea and getting your arm bitten off by a shark?Why?

Liam Payne- Why did you shave your hair and what is your favourite outfit to wear?

Zachary Gordon(Greg Heffley)- Was it hard being the star of such a big movie?





One day I was walking down the street trying to find my way to the milk bar. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. I looked around my peaceful home town. No one was there. Finally I found the milk bar. It was called ‘Rise and Shine’ because everybody went there in the morning! I made my way into the shop and bought a lolly bag for 80 cents. When I left the shop, I started to cross the road. I didn’t realize that a car was coming and it nearly ran over me. The car stopped suddenly, but I ran on.