Hope and Joy

What is Hope and Joy?

Hope and Joy is a way of going about life. It changes the way you think and the way you act in different situations. People with hope and joy change the world in some way. They make life happier for certain people that really need it. Hope and joy is also a way you feel if you have made these changes or done something good that will effect someones life in a good way.

Tell us about this person:

The person I have chosen for hope and joy is my cousin Maddie. She is 17 years old and loves her two dogs Alfie and Charlie. She is a hard worker and is very good at doing the things she loves, for example, Visual Arts and English. Maddie is caring, kind, helpful, polite, cheerful and most of all the best cousin ever!

How do they demonstrate Hope and Joy?

Maddie demonstrates Hope and Joy by being a great role model to others and always having a smile on her face. You’re probably thinking that that wouldn’t make much of a difference in the world but it does in so many ways. Maddie is a good role model because she knows right from wrong and is sensible about what she does. This could change the way girls think about life and it could make them happier. By having a smile on her face it lights up most people’s day and that changes the world because their are more smiling faces which make this world a better place.

How could you be more like this person?

I could be more like Maddie by keeping a smile on my face every minute of the day and not taking things for granted. If I were to try and smile a lot I would think about the positive side of things and that sure would make me smile. By taking things for granted I mean like throwing my dinner out if I don’t eat it or throwing out a work book without  even finishing it. It’s these little things that most people don’t think about in life that change our world somehow in a bad way. People less fortunate would give anything to have the last scraps of your dinner or the last few pages of your work book, so think about that the next time you do something like that.

Extra info about Maddie:

What I love about Maddie is that she doen’t care if she has the greatest looks or coolest house, all she cares about is thar she is caring and has great friends and family that look after her.

Snapshot-One direction

Screaming fans took over the room as the lights pit up the roof. The smell of popcorn wiped pass my face as girls pasted us to their seat. My face lit up as I saw my cousin waving with joy in the front row. I held my poster up seeing other amazing ones but I don’t care so I yelled out “I love you Niall”! The music starts pumping and they come out on stage.

The one splash of water that made me feel more nervous……..

My feet shivered as I walked up the slippery stairs. I was quite nervous so I grabbed onto Olivia’s hand. She laughed and said “Everything’s going to be alright, don’t worry!” That made me feel a bit better, but there where still many butterflies left in my stomach.

It it got to our turn and I nearly refused but I took the chance and stepped slowly into the tube. Was that the right choice?…………………….. We were off and raced down the dim lighted waterslide. We all got drenched but there was one splash of water that made me feel more anxious. To make matters worse we suddenly came to a stop.  The water stops running and we are trapped in the slide.

Many things happened after that but I don’t want to mention them. The good things I got out of it was that we got out of the waterslide safely (although it took time) and I faced my fear.

My Saint-Saint Cecilia

Feast day: 22nd of November

Patron of: Music, Musicians, Composers and Poets

Nationality: Italian

We really know very little about Cecilia, although stories tell us a little about her. As a young girl, stories tell us that she wanted to give her life to God. Although we don’t know if she herself couldn’t see the name Cecilia means blind, so she is also the Catholic patron saint of the blind.

  Cecilia is one of the most popular Roman saints. In her time in Rome it was very dangerous to be a Christian. She would comfort herself with sacred music. The National Academy of Santa Cecilia is one of the oldest musical institutions in the world.

She had a good life because lived in a wealthy family, but was an only child with her mother and father. Now she is catholic but from birth she was a christian. At an early age, Cecilia dedicated her life to god with a vow of Chasity. Cecilia was deeply in love with God since she was a child. She would pray both day and night to him asking for forgiveness and ask to help people in need. 

Saint Cecilia was not canonised. She was proclaimed a saint by early Christian’s because of her martyrdom. Saint Cecilia is a patron saint of musicians and singers. Cecilia loved to sing and dance and make people happy, saint cecilia loved everyone sincerely, whether they were rich or poor. She tried to help anyone in need and knew that all people were children of god. 

 She was an only child who lived with her mum and her dad, Cecilia was also a rich roman girlShe lived in a mansion with her family and had a big enough space in the house to pray every day. Cecilia loves people of all kind she was a sweet person at heart and girl who learned for hours how to play music and sing it to.

She taught people in her home town all about faith but when the governor heard of what was going on he was sentenced to death. Everyone loved Cecilia like her their child or a sistersaint Cecilia was loved by everyone. Even till this day she is a big part in all of peoples hearts and in all catholic church’s.

Prayer to St. Cecilia


St. Cecilia, glorious Virgin and Martyr of Jesus Christ, I admire the courage with which you professed your faith in the face of severe persecution, and the generous love with which you offered your life in witness to your belief in the Blessed Trinity. I thank God with you for the wonderful graces He had bestowed upon you to make your life holy and pleasing to Him even in the midst of the wealth that was yours. I thank Him for the privilege offered to you of receiving the glorious crown of martyrdom. 
Saint Cecilia, I also admire the purity of love that bound you to the Savior, which was greater in your eyes than any human affection, so that you declared yourself before the enemies of the Church, “I am the bride of my Lord Jesus Christ”. Pray for me that in imitation of you I may keep my body pure and my soul holy, and that I may love Jesus with all my heart.

In these times so full of pleasure seeking and so lacking in faith, teach us to profess our faith courageously and to be willing to sacrifice ourselves in practicing it, so that our good example may lead others closer to Christ and the Church He as founded.

In thanksgiving to God for the graces he bestowed on St Cecilia: Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be. St. Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr of Jesus Christ, pray for us.


st cecilia

Religion reflection


I learnt a lot about conformation and these are some of them:

It is when you confirm and ay that you want to be part of the catholic church

When conformation first started it was done in the same ceremony as baptism

It is about accepting responsibilities for yourself and your faith as fully adult members of the catholic church

Symbols: Dove, Cross, Flames


Anointing of the sick:

I learnt quite a bit about this sacrament:                   

It is formed from other religious anointing’s. It was intended to make sick people better.

They are usually anointed on their forehead or palms

Jesus Christ was the founder of the anointing of the sick

Symbols: Oil and Bible


Daily 3 goals

Day 1: I am going to practice adding and subtracting negative numbers for maths

Day 2: I am going to comment on other blogs and read for 15 mins

Day 3: Start a seed about basketball


Prompt:  … but when she lifted the lid…

Chloe got home from school one day and was given a special glass fairy from her Gran. She was so thankful that she decided to give her Gran $20 in return. Chloe loved her Gran and always made sure she was happy. She retrieved her gift and went and put it in a special box beside her bed to keep it safe. The next day she brought two of her friends home to show them her new gift. Firstly they had some afternoon tea and then ran straight to Chloe’s room. But when she lifted the lid it was nowhere to be seen.

Maths Homework-Maths in real life

I have found out about the maths in Navigating ship out at sea.
About 4,000 years ago (c. 2000 B.C.E.), The first Western Civilization, the Phoenicians, were known have to developed the art of navigation at sea. Phoenician sailors accomplished navigation by using observations of the sun and stars to determine directions and sophisticated charts. Within the early tools used by ocean navigators are compasses, astrolabes, maps and calipers. In more modern times, the tools have become more electronic and technological. Even though the tools were invented early, it still took hundreds of years before global navigation at sea could be used. Only up to the fifteenth century, essentially coast navigators were mariners. Sailing on the open sea was restricted to regions where there was a wide continental shelf to follow or of predictable winds and currents. Further ventures were made possible by the development of mathematically and scientifically based methods and tools.